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Objednávky tohoto zboží zasílejte POUZE MAILEM na adresu: translignum@volny.cz
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Spárovka - Při objednávce více než 1 m3 Vám bude poskytnuta individuální sleva (sleva platí pro 1 objednávku s max. 4 rozměry).

Akát - hoblované polotovary a terasy - slevy při odběru:

  • více než 500 běžných metrů 5 %
  • více než 1000 běžných metrů 10 %
  • více než 2000 běžných metrů 15 %
  • více než 3000 běžných metrů 20 %
  • více než 5000 běžných metrů 25 %

Dřevěné plovoucí podlahy - Při odběru nad 100m2 Vám bude poskytnuta 10% sleva.

Terms and Conditions

Product Information

Solid wood panels are manufactured with little tolerance in width and length, i.e. are not formatted.

How to order

We accept orders in written form (e-mail, fax, post mail) or order made by completing our e-shop form.

Type of goods, quality, dimensions and amount/volume must be stated.

The object(s) of contract is/are solely the goods specified in the order. After placing your Internet order you receive receipt of your Internet order followed by a prompt e-mail confirmation. This acknowledgment of receipt of your order, however, is for information purpose only. Once the seller confirms the order the purchase contract is concluded.

Terms of Payment

After confirmation by the seller the pro forma invoice will be issued, buyer is required to pay 50% of the total price. The remaining part of the price is to be paid cash upon personal collection or upon delivery by TOPTRANS EU, a.s. (pricelist for transportation according to current rates of the company is available on their webpage www.toptrans.cz/en).

Delivery Time

Delivery time will be specified by an officer depending on the actual situation (1-3 weeks after advance payment).

Delivery Method

Price does not include goods transport price. Transports to be paid extra on delivery. The rates are calculated according to the price list of TOPTRANS EU, a.s. and as such depend on both distance from Velke Opatovice and goods weight.
Transfers to be paid extra on delivery. The transport cost is calculated according to the price list TOPTRANS EU, as and depends on the distance from Velke Opatovice goods and weight in kg. Calculation of freight can be found on this site.
Another option is personal collection of goods in our manufacture in Velke Opatovice or at our sales warehouses.

If case the value of the goods exceeds CZK 100 000 excluding VAT service is provided by the supplier at his own expense.


Goods must be checked immediately upon takeover. Later complaint will be disregarded.