Wood for the furniture industry

Nowadays, more and more businesses in the wood sector are placing great emphasis on sustainable resources and certified products. A well-known and largely accepted certification is FSC, the Forest Stewardship Council, launched by a nonprofit organization that supports the responsible management of forests around the world. Translignum s.r.o. from Prague in the Czech Republic acts according to FSC standards and serves as a powerful hardwood supplier for the furniture industry.

  • Václav Suchý
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The company was founded in 1997 and initially concentrated on the trade of raw wood and lumber. "Over the years, we gradually intensified our specialization in trading operations and expanded our product range," explains Václav Suchý, managing director of Translignum. "Later, we also focused on the processing of timber into solid wood panels. The purchase of raw timber is organized through a broad network of sales representatives covering the whole territory of the Czech Republic, who initiate transportation and negotiate contract terms."

Thanks to this sophisticated network, the company today is able to utilize local resources and meet the requirements of customers throughout the country and abroad. "At present, we focus solely on solid wood panels and semi-processed products," states Bedřiška Pilna, accountant at Translignum. "Apart from our headquarters in Prague, we maintain a subsidiary in Liptovský Mikuláš, Slovakia, as well as six additional warehouses and retail stores for carpenters and small customers in the Czech Republic. Since 2012, a partner company in Cameroon has provided us with exotic woods."

Together with its team of 40 employees, most of them involved in production, Translignum was able to generate annual turnover of 14 million EUR last year. "Our core business is related to hardwood timber and lamellas for the top layer of floors," says Ms. Pilna. "We do not sell any kind of softwood lumber such as poplar or pinewood. Instead, our portfolio provides boards, panels for doors, kitchens or stairs made of oak, birch, beech or ash. At the moment, we also recognize a growing demand for walnut wood." In this day and age, many large furniture manufacturers expect wood to come from sustainable sources. "The way of the respective wood has to be comprehensible and traceable," explains Mr. Suchý.

"Therefore, our company is certified and a member of the FSC. Environmental protection is an increasingly important factor that should not be underestimated. Concerning this matter, we also place great emphasis on painting and waterproofing processes on-site." With these comprehensive products and services, Translignum serves as an ideal partner for many customer groups. "In general, we cooperate closely with companies from the wood segment," states the managing director. "Examples are woodprocessing enterprises like furniture manufacturers. By means of our six stores in Austerlitz, Prague, Breclav, Teplice, Kosice and Liptovský Mikuláš, we also offer an ideal solution for smaller clients like carpentries or private end consumers. All target groups are addressed though our website or approached directly."

A large proportion of the company’s 14 million EUR turnover comes about through export activities. "At the moment, our export rate sums up to 40 to 50%," says Mr. Suchý. "Core markets are found in Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Poland, Denmark, Great Britain and Norway." In the future, Translignum strives to increase its foreign business even further. "At present, we are searching for additional export markets," explains the accountant. "Our advantage is the combination of the trading company with our own flexible medium-sized production. Beginning this year, we will present these advantages to further markets abroad."

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